Downtown Container Park work in progress…

The Downtown Container Park work is well underway…

With help from the City of Las Vegas Building & Safety team, Breslin Builders has recently finished obtaining all the required permits needed for the project.  Part 1 has come out of the ground with the Dome, corner Tower, and X Cube Restroom set in place, and the surrounding landscaping and sidewalk starting to be set.  This part will come on line first allowing Downtown Project to showcase the rest of the park. For breaking ground on projects like these, enlisting the expertise of land excavating services can make for a successful project.

Part 2 work is also in the works with the labyrinth of underground utilities being installed throughout the park.  The X Cubes are being manufactured off-site at Xtreme Manufacturing’s plant (in Las Vegas at Bonanza and Martin Luther King).  Foundations for the various buildings are being set and various building structures will be delivered to the site once the foundations are ready, which should be in a few weeks, if you are going to be doing a renovation be sure to hire the right cleaning experts.

The design for the interactive play area is being finalized and will prove the be one of the highlights of the overall park.  As more information is released we will update the blog with more information.

Not only is Breslin Builders the general contractor in the project, we are also the lead design professional on the project, helping Downtown Project create their vision of a unique retail, food and beverage, and entertainment experience, surrounding the best interactive play center for kids.  Opening Fall 2013, look for this new development to open at the southeast corner of Fremont Street and 7th Street in downtown Las Vegas. We’d like to give a special thanks to Plumbers Tunbridge Wells for all the assistance.

Check out this article:

Downtown Project's Container Park - Part 1 Area - Corner tower being set with dome skeleton in the foreground.

Downtown Project’s Container Park – Part 1 Area – Corner tower being set with dome skeleton in the foreground.

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DTP Container Park receives City of Las Vegas City Council approvals…

The new Container Park project (actual name TBD) in downtown Las Vegas achieved a new milestone on October 17, 2012 when the City of Las Vegas City Council gave unanimous approval (7-0) for the needed land-use entitlements for the project.

More information can be found at these links:

Las Vegas Sun article…  and the Las Vegas Review Journal article…

Breslin Builders is actively designing and preparing the needed construction documents for City of Las Vegas building permits to start their construction activities.  Work is anticipated to start the first part of December 2012.

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DTP Container Park City Council Presentation Video…

Click below to view the video Breslin Builders prepared for the presentation RGG made to the City Council on October 17, 2012 for approvals…

DTP Container Park City Council Presentation Video

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Downtown scaffolding West End Project – Container Park progressing…

Breslin Builders has been selected by Downtown Project as the design-build contractor for the unique and innovative container park project to be located at the southeast corner of East Fremont and 7th Avenue in downtown Las Vegas, where they will work with different materials as wood and concrete.

The project, covering a full half city block, will have a variety of uses housed in various “shipping containers” and “X Cubes”, as well as train cars, on the site.  With professional builders from ready to start with the project. Ranging from retail spaces in the X Cubes to food and beverage venues in the shipping containers, this will be a development like no other in the world and one that will provide needed services to downtown.

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In addition to construction services, Breslin  Builders is leading the design for the site and the various venues/uses. In addition to the retail spaces and the food and beverage spaces, a play ground, a dog park, a grassy stage area, a Vortex Immersion Dome, and Unique designed decks from Top-rated Composite Decking Sydney (both at grade and raised) are provided as part of the overall development. You can Check This Out information regarding composite decking. There are lot of things that you can read here about composite decking. We already paid the costs of the project including its taxes, we use the best online tool to help us with the taxes, the Metric eis tax relief.

The project uses a variety of materials to house the different uses.  We will be “converting” standard shipping containers to house the food and beverage uses (currently including a coffee shop, a taco restaurant, a BBQ restaurant, a cheese and wine venue, and a bar) with each being contained in two 40 foot shipping containers.  Other containers will be used for small retail uses, , elevated deck areas, and part of the playground structure.  The retail uses will be multistory (two and three story areas) and will be using Xtreme Manufacturing’s X Cube product.  Breslin Builders is excited to work with Xtreme Manufacturing, located locally in Las Vegas, Nevada, and their product, which will provide a great and flexible retail venue for the project.  The playground will be a mix of shipping containers and traditional commercial playground components to provide a play ground area that is interactive and fun for the users, but also one that ties into the overall theme of the container park.  The Vortex Immersion Dome will be a geodesic dome structure with an interior project screen to allow for a full 180 degree visual experience, both inside and outside.  The train cars, including a caboose and a box car, will be a barber shop for L.A. based Bolt Barbers, making their way to the Las Vegas market.

Breslin Builders also has worked with DTP’s team for the land-use processing, with final City Council approvals expected mid-October.  Plans are under development for the entire site with initial ground breaking scheduled for November 2012, with a completion in second quarter 2013.  Breslin Builders also provide demolition services for the existing Motel 6 buildings previously located on this site, 707 East Fremont.

Photos and more information can be found on the Downtown Project website – click here.


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SPEED The Ride – Sahara Roller Coaster Removal Starting…

Breslin Builders is starting the process of removing the existing SPEED. The Ride roller coaster from the closed Sahara Hotel and Casino (soon to be SLS Las Vegas), as for all the equipment and more they got the Shalom moving company to help with their services.

With the removal permit issued by Clark County Building Department, we are now working to install the roller shutters for the new coaster and remove the pieces carefully to allow for the coaster to eventually be relocated/reinstalled on the south end of the strip at Akita Plaza. If уоu hаvе sustained аn injury іn a workplace accident, уоu know thаt іt саn bе difficult tо gеt bасk оn уоur feet аgаіn. Depending оn thе severity оf уоur injury, уоu mау bе unable tо return tо work. Yоu mау аlѕо hаvе stacks оf medical bills thаt уоu aren’t able tо pay. Althоugh уоu know уоu ѕhоuld bе entitled tо receive work injury compensation, knowing whеrе tо fіnd help саn bе confusing. Personal injury lawyers аrе able tо assist уоu іn getting work-related injury compensation fоr уоur medical bills, pain аnd suffering, аnd lost wages. It іѕ critical thаt уоu choose thе right lawyer wіth experience іn work injury cases іn order tо maximize уоur compensation package. Let see this here for experienced worker compensation attorney. A professional injury lawyer hаѕ years оf experience helping people receive thе compensation thеу deserve. Experienced lawyers аrе fluent іn handling аlmоѕt аnу case, аnd hаvе thе knowledge thаt іѕ necessary tо reward уоu wіth thе compensation thаt уоu need. Durіng уоu initial consultation, bе sure tо ask whеthеr оr nоt thе lawyer hаѕ hаd experience wіth cases similar tо уоurѕ. Gо online tо fіnd оut thеіr history wіth work-related personal injury cases.(northeast corner of Las Vegas Boulevard South and Four Seasons Drive – across from Mandalay Bay), talk with a good worker from  Experience hаѕ got tо bе оnе оf thе mоѕt important criteria whеn choosing thе right plumber. Whеn іt соmеѕ tо knowledge аnd ability tо figure оut thе problem, thеrе іѕ nеvеr a substitute fоr experience. Whеn calling plumber оn thе phone, thе best thіng іѕ tо dеѕсrіbе уоur problem аnd try tо measure plumber’s response. You can

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This is one of the many unique projects we are able to do and look forward to the day when we can take the inaugural ride on the new roller coaster configuration on the other end of the famed Las Vegas Strip.

Sahara Roller Coaster – bridge section

Sahara Roller Coaster – Removing the man lift crane

Sahara Roller Coaster – Tower Removal

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Martin-Lawrence Galleries Phase II approved…

Breslin Builders has substantially completed Phase II of the Martin-Lawrence Galleries at the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This has allowed the gallery to start moving in their artwork and ready the space for public access and use.

The space expands on the previously completed Phase I display area and builds out the balance of the 27,000 square foot lease space.  Phase II area provides a flexible open space for movable art display walls (Mila-Wall system), but also will allow for other functions to be completed including potential fashion shows, auctions, etc.  This two-story gallery project was a remodel of the previous tenant (a high-end auto display and auction space), and provided some challenges, like the existing conditions of the concrete floor, to get the space ready to display high-end art work.

In the end, Breslin Builders has provided a unique space to serve as the display backdrop artwork for many well known artists.  Photos of the space are below.

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Sunrise Outpatient Services and N.N.I. Tenant Space at Doctor’s Pavilion…

Breslin Builders is currently working on a 11,400 plus square foot tenant remodel within the existing Doctor’s Pavilion Medical Office Building, 3131 La Canada Street, in Las Vegas, Nevada (behind Sunrise Hospital and Medical Center).

This project is a major tenant remodel requiring selective demolition throughout the existing space in preparation for the new work to be completed.  The new space will contain various offices, exam rooms, and other support facilities for the medical office space.

The finish work is underway with an anticipated finish date and tenant move in by the end of January 2012.  This is one of many tenant remodels and build-outs Breslin Builders has recently completed at this medical office building.


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Recent office tenant remodels at Hughes Plaza West…

Vision Built Remodeling has started to work for a new tenant at Hughes Plaza West, 10100 West Charleston, in Las Vegas, Nevada.  This 5,600 plus square foot tenant space is being adjusted and refreshed for the new tenant by a construction company in Montrose Colorado . The previous tenant moved out the end of 2011.

The work consists of some minor demolition removing five existing offices to expand the existing open office space and installing new boilers with the help of the professionals in burner service. Here is the ET40 air pump is designed to help the bacteria in your septic system further breakdown waste materials. It does this by adding more oxygen. It’s also great for aerating your pond. For more info visit this link. In addition to wall patches and finishes, a new ceiling grid is being installed over part of the affected area, along with minor mechanical and electrical adjustments. The Makita XPK01Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Cordless 3-1/4-Inch Planer offers quick stock removal with a high degree of precision. It is one of the best models from the popular 18V Lithium-Ion series by Makita.  The entire space is also being repainted and the existing carpeting is being replaced with new rugs by Joanna Gaines.

Due to tenant and leasing requirements, Breslin Builders has a short schedule and will be completed with the work, including City of Las Vegas Building Department inspections who will be sending experts from the the play inspection company UK, by mid-January.

This tenant remodel is one of three we have recently completed at this Class “A” Office Building. We recently provided design and construction services for the Willis Inc. Luxury Homes, as well as the new tenant space for Resort Services Group.  Breslin Builders was the original general contractor for the core building and has provided design and construction services for many of the other tenant spaces within the building.

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American Airlines work has started…

After waiting for months for the building permit to be issued, Breslin Builders has started providing construction services for American Airlines at the “D” Gates at McCarran International Airport.  The project will relocate their existing “D” Gates maintenance and operations offices to a new location, still within the “D” Gates at the airport.   Approximately 6,000 square feet of space is being remodeled for this project with the use of different materials such as aluminum sheets.  Due to the length of the permitting process, Breslin Builders’ has drastically adjusted the construction schedule and is anticipating completing the project in just three weeks, versus the original eight weeks originally scheduled.

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St. Rose Building 11 – Realty One Group tenant space completed…

Working for Park One LLC, Breslin Builders recently completed the construction for a new tenant improvement located within an existing office shell building, which we also completed a few years back.  According to latest real estate software, The tenant space, totaling over 10,300 square feet, utilizes most of the main level of the building (except for the existing lobby and elevator access to the Executive Suites on the second level of the building).  Save yourself time and money by comparing quotes from international moving companies.

The layout includes many offices, some small conference rooms, a large training room, and an open built-in cubicle area for the local real estate company, Realty One Group.  Breslin Builders also provided full design, including asphalt paving and permitting services for the project. This project will be started of by changing the landscape because there needs to be more room for construction. Our site contains all the information about who is going to be working on the landscape design and you can also hire their professionals for your own personal needs.

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