Sahara Towne Square Facade Remodel…

Breslin Builders continues work on Phase I of the facade remodel at Sahara Towne Square commercial center, located at Sahara Avenue and Maryland Parkway, Las Vegas, Nevada. This is a design-build project with Breslin Builders providing both design and construction services. EWP Scissor lift inspection at has great access to a variety of company’s to supply the right product at the right time when needed.

The project includes updates to the facade look, including new a stucco over the original brick surfaces, removing the metal soffit materials for a new stucco finish, and replacing the existing sidewalk areas with new concrete by Polished Concrete. The existing columns and metal trellis are being removed also. The intent is to not only modernize the center, but also provide better tenant visibility from Sahara Avenue.

This scope covers Phase I at the north end of the center, including some work on the existing Smith’s Food and Drug facade. As time goes on, Breslin Builders will be providing services across the balance of the center.


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