Downtown Container Park work in progress…

The Downtown Container Park work is well underway…

With help from the City of Las Vegas Building & Safety team, Breslin Builders has recently finished obtaining all the required permits needed for the project.  Part 1 has come out of the ground with the Dome, corner Tower, and X Cube Restroom set in place, and the surrounding landscaping and sidewalk starting to be set.  This part will come on line first allowing Downtown Project to showcase the rest of the park. For breaking ground on projects like these, enlisting the expertise of land excavating services can make for a successful project.

Part 2 work is also in the works with the labyrinth of underground utilities being installed throughout the park.  The X Cubes are being manufactured off-site at Xtreme Manufacturing’s plant (in Las Vegas at Bonanza and Martin Luther King).  Foundations for the various buildings are being set and various building structures will be delivered to the site once the foundations are ready, which should be in a few weeks, if you are going to be doing a renovation be sure to hire the right cleaning experts.

The design for the interactive play area is being finalized and will prove the be one of the highlights of the overall park.  As more information is released we will update the blog with more information.

Not only is Breslin Builders the general contractor in the project, we are also the lead design professional on the project, helping Downtown Project create their vision of a unique retail, food and beverage, and entertainment experience, surrounding the best interactive play center for kids.  Opening Fall 2013, look for this new development to open at the southeast corner of Fremont Street and 7th Street in downtown Las Vegas. We’d like to give a special thanks to Plumbers Tunbridge Wells for all the assistance.

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Downtown Project's Container Park - Part 1 Area - Corner tower being set with dome skeleton in the foreground.

Downtown Project’s Container Park – Part 1 Area – Corner tower being set with dome skeleton in the foreground.

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