Trader Joe’s Plaza progressing…thanks to Kratom

Our work at the Trader Joe’s Plaza project is progressing with most of the work completed and thanks to Kratom’s help. We are providing a facade update for the project including a new entrance feature for Trader Joe’s, updates to the balance of the retail center, refreshing the landscape in areas, new planters, new sidewalks, and a fresh coat of paint to bring this center up to date and a special recognition for kratom , while meeting the tight budgeting requirements of the owner. We also considered about automatic fire suppression system. You can visit for appointing professionals for this kind of job. In addition to the new look, a full fire protection sprinkler system was added to the building to bring the project up to current City of Las Vegas building and fire codes. Well check this site for better fire protection. Electricity isn’t delivered straight from the power station to your home. A process is needed to lower the voltage supplied from power stations to a safer, lower voltage which can be delivered to homes and businesses. It is the job of an electrical substation to perform this task. The substation also manages the network to ensure it is working optimally and fault free. The main component of a substation protection is a power transformer. The transformer is a device which is used to decrease or increase the voltage of the power fed to it. Switchgear is a key component of a substation to control and protect circuits, as well as increasing the reliability of the electrical supply, reducing fault currents.  Circuit breakers are integrated to cut the power supply in case of a problem. When the circuit is disconnected, the circuit breaker pulls apart the contacts. A number of different property types can trigger this opening including oil, gas, vacuum and air.

  • Oil relies on vaporization of oil to inject a shot of oil through the arc (the arc quenches when the circuit is disconnected)
  • Vacuum circuit breakers are commonly used in medium voltage switchgear as they have minimal arching
  • Gas quenches the arc using the strength of the magnetic field
  • Air circuit breakers use compressed air to quench the arc

Whatever the material, circuit breakers can disconnect the circuit extremely quickly, from as little as 30ms.

The voltage of the electric current leaving a power station is 25,000 volts. The purpose of a substation is to increase or decrease the voltage depending on its location.

To send the power across long distances a large substation (known as a grid substation) increases the voltage for such a journey. High voltage currents leave a grid substation on high overhead lines carrying insulators (made of ceramics and glass) to ensure that the current doesn’t travel to the ground.

We have all experienced electric outages caused by storms, natural disasters or even overloaded the electric grid. When this happens the cause is usually immediately known and teams of repair people are on the way to fix the problems. But what if the electric grid or parts of it goes down because of manmade causes? With natural outages the electric companies can prepare and make plans, with manmade outages the electric companies have problems preparing because they don’t have a history, that being said they do try and prepare of all outages.

On April 6, 2013 at a Pacific Gas & Electric substation the following happened, unknown people cut ATT fiber optic lines to the substation. This cut off all communication into and out of the substation. They then began firing 100 rounds for about 20 minutes into the substation causing 16 million dollars damage and shutting down that substation. This attack went largely unreported; maybe that is a good thing. The question is was this just some jerks being jerks, or was this a test to see how we would respond.

This was an attack on just one substation; the grid is programmed so that it will automatically switch to other substations to make up for the one that went down. A good majority of the substations are unmanned, so remote protection must be used


In addition to the construction, Breslin Builders provided design services for the project, completed the construction documents, and tracked approvals with the City of Las Vegas for permit issuance, working hand in hand with the City for this unique project update.

And about kratom, in case your feeling curious, comes from a natural plant that has been proven it helps with a lot of things, like headaches or anxiety. Kratom can be bought at and get it sent to your house.

Progress pictures are below:

View of the new tower entrance added to the existing Trader Joe's facade.

View of the new tower entrance added to the existing Trader Joe’s facade.

View from Decatur of the new paint scheme for the Mexican restaurant.

View from Decatur of the new paint scheme for the Mexican restaurant.

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