How to do SEO

SEO is not only for organizations with a single target audience. It can be used for just about any type of content, be it blog posts, products, business strategies, movies, software, podcasts, online courses, anything.


#1 Get Started

Before I show you how to find your ideal niche, let me tell you a little bit about what it takes to be a great SEO blogger.

First and foremost, you have to be a real person with real life experience and have a passion for the subject you are blogging about.

The following are the six components that define a good blogger:

Real life experience

Need to be an expert in your field

Proper research

Proper SEO

Effective writing

A desire to share the information you’ve learned

Now that we understand what makes up a great blogger, let’s dig into how you can discover your perfect niche!

Step 1: What is Your Domain?

Now that we know what you want to share with the world, we need to figure out what type of site you will be building for your content.

Why? Because the niche you want to create for your blog is based on the domain name you choose. For example, if you want to find the best body oils for your sex life, you need to create your niche site about body oils (well-being).

If you decide to create your niche site about working from home then the domain you choose would be for this job. Or if you decide to create your niche site about marketing your business through social media then your domain name would be for this type of website.

Once you know your domain, you will want to look up what other bloggers are using it for. As a beginner, you should focus on using generic domain names that don’t associate with your niche. The less you have to worry about your domain name, the easier it will be to use in future.

For example, you should not be using the domain to blog about your B2B SEO blog. You will need to find the domain name that best represents your niche. The same holds true for any other domain name you choose. For example, when you are looking at the domain, you should be focusing on your chosen niche.

If you need a little help with finding a domain name, check out our blog post about the best domain names for SEO bloggers, and you can also get the best resources to help you with this with services asĀ Victorious online.

This is your domain name, so make sure it’s something you can afford to own and that matches with what you want to accomplish. For example, if you want to create a blog for the best SEO blog, but your daily expense is $10,000 then you should use something like domain (at least $10k worth).

Obviously, the bigger your budget, the more domains you can use.

Remember to use an up to date domain name registrar so that your site is protected from malicious attack.

Step 2: Check Your Backlinks

How often do you check your backlinks? Usually, once or twice a month for larger sites. That’s because backlinks are the gold for any website. By making sure your backlinks are in good order, you are ensuring that your website is indexed and shows up in Google search results.


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